Local Business Benefits

Before starting any marketing or advertising effort it’s important to understand the process and define your goals and expectations. What do you want to accomplish? Can marketing and advertising solve a problem? Build your business? Make you more money? Help beat your competition? Make your job easier? Help you reach your goals? Be the best use of your money? Before you spend a dime, you need to discover and be comfortable with the answers.

PartnersProgram® teaches and reinforces the fundamentals of marketing, as they apply to today’s marketplace and economy, in a dynamic workshop setting. With increased knowledge and confidence you can make more informed and effective decisions. As one attendee, the owner of a roofing company, said, “I learned more good stuff from you on one hour than I did at my industry’s three-day national convention!” And, the PartnersProgram® workshop is free to invited guests!


PartnersProgram® will:

– Create a year-long advertising plan, customized to your specific needs and business cycle.

– De-mystify the marketing and advertising process…making it understandable and affordable for almost any business.

– Educate businesses about advertising, branding, consumer trends and the changing dynamic of the market and media.


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