Company Profile

Broadcast Adventures, Inc…


…makes money for media groups and local businesses! We’re a small, specialized media and marketing consulting group founded by Kevin O’Brien, a veteran media consultant, marketer, trainer, manager, seller and programmer.

In 2002 Kevin condensed 25 years of experience and introduced PartnersProgram®, a campaign that dramatically increases sales volume for media clients, provides training and development for managers and sellers, engages with and educates business communities about relevant uses of traditional, digital and social media, and turns new advertisers into successful marketers.

We have conducted sales and marketing development workshops, consulting projects, and training programs for more than 15,000 businesses and media professionals in the United States and abroad.

The Broadcast AdVentures and PartnersProgram® client rosters have served media organizations of all sizes, including Comcast, Townsquare Media, Clear Channel (now iHeartMedia), Cumulus Media, Viamedia, Northern Star Broadcasting and the Journal Broadcast Group; and retail and service businesses including John Elway Toyota and the Ontario Auto Center.